What is Erectile (Sexual) Dysfunction in Women? The best labido boosters

What is Erectile (Sexual) Dysfunction in Women? The best labido boosters

Speaking about disorders in the intimate sphere, gynecologists point not to erectile dysfunction in women, but to a decrease in libido. Sexual health of a woman can suffocate after the onset of menopause and the impact of other unfavorable factors. In order to cope with a lowered libido, the patient should visit a doctor and pick up corrective tactics based on the results of the tests.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in WomenAmong the alarming signs that can signal the onset of a disorder in the intimate sphere:

  • homosexual inclinations, a decrease in sex drive in men
  • absence of intimate relations during pregnancy
  • complete or partial loss of orgasm
  • increased anxiety, nervousness and irritability
  • fear of intimacy
  • depression in the first months after giving birth to a child

The Causes of Decreased Libido

Erectile dysfunction in women, which manifests itself in the form of reduced sexual attraction to men, can arise as a consequence of a series of determinants, among which:

  • Hereditary predisposition. Strong reactions to stressful situations can occur due to genetic factors. Emotional lability and propensity to anxiety-depressive states can be triggered by the presence of psychogenic pathologies in close relatives of a woman;
  • Hormonal changes. Changes in the mechanisms of production of sex hormones occur during puberty and conception, fetal bearing, in the postpartum period and at the onset of menopause. In addition, the emotional state of a woman directly depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Fluctuations in the level of prolactin and estrogen can cause rapid changes in mood and a decrease in the overall emotional background;
  • Pathology in the adrenal gland. The occurrence of a depressive disorder and a decrease in sexual excitability is often caused by a violation of the plasma concentration of cortisol and aldosterone, which are produced by the glands of internal secretion located in the adrenal cortex;
  • The impact of stress. Strong excitement, physical and moral fatigue, intense emotional state leads to aggravation of intimate problems;
  • Unfavorable social status, the presence of problems at work, the dismissal of the husband or the reduction of wages, deterioration of housing conditions;
  • Negative experience with men, betrayal of a husband, psychological problems in marriage, lack of understanding with a sexual partner, frequent conflicts and quarrels, divorce or separation from a young man;
  • The beginning of the lactation period, problems with falling asleep, pain in the chest, milk stagnation and lactation crises;
  • Negative changes in appearance and the first signs of aging, a set of excess body weight and the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and pigment spots;
  • Hypothyroidism, that is, an endocrine disease that caused a decreased production of thyroid hormones. Among the main signs of the impairment of the sectoral function, it is worth noting edema and facial swelling, systematic headaches and numbness of the limbs, menstrual irregularity and ringing in the ears, inhibition and forgetfulness.

Treatment of the Violated Sexual Functions in Women

treatment of sexual disorders in womenMedical experts conduct an anamnesis, send women with complaints about a decrease in sexual desire for the necessary diagnostic measures. The patient is examined by a therapist and endocrinologist, neurologist and gynecologist, visits a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist.

There are a number of therapeutic techniques for eliminating sexual pathologies that are prescribed by analysis. A doctor can recommend a patient with a reduced libido and signs of frigidity:

  • Medicamentous therapy of stimulating orientation. Women are prescribed suitable vasodilating and soothing drugs (Female Viagra). Tablet and liquid preparations can be used. Doctors recommend using tonic sticks and anti-inflammatory tampons, intimate ointments and gels.

Some lubricants can have a cooling and warming effect, have an antiseptic effect. Many intimate gels have a pleasant smell and taste, which helps women to relax in the process of intimacy and get a maximum of pleasant sensations;

  • Reception of vitamin supplements. The natural stimulators of sexual desire, made on the basis of extracts of vegetable and animal origin, have a great demand. Medications have a complex general strengthening and stimulating effect, stimulate nerve endings, increase the rate of blood flow in the inguinal region.
  • Biologically active additives often contain an extract of ginseng root and aloe vera, lemongrass and gingko biloba, celery and cinnamon, rhodiola rosea and St. John’s wort;
  • Use of antidepressants. The drug course usually lasts for several months and includes regular visits to the psychologist. The doctor will help to select safe selective inhibitors of the return capture.
  • Cognitive therapy. During the psychotherapeutic sessions the doctor teaches the woman the respiratory and relaxation techniques that help to find and keep calm in difficult life situations. The patient gets the opportunity to overcome subconscious fears, eliminate signs of depressive disorder, gain confidence in communicating with men and raise self-esteem;
  • Normalization of daily routine, work and rest, proper nutrition and increased physical activity, refusal to smoke and alcohol.

How to increase female labido?

To return to the intensity of sexual relationships, you must first restore the labido of the woman. There is no easy way to do this. The ideal solution is considered to be an impact of a complex nature, which allows you to touch on both the psychological aspects of the problem and spurs female physiology. Of great importance is the preliminary determination of the cause of the decrease in potency, after which it is allowed to select a point effective approach.

How to increase female labido?

There are several ways to increase female labido:

Medical drugs with a special effect. They provide the production of pleasure hormones, which causes an increased sexual interest in women.

Folk tinctures and herbal preparations. The focus of traditional medicine in many respects repeats the activities of medicines, but natural ingredients are a significant advantage in comparison with synthetic drugs.

Emotional outbursts, caresses and individual preferences of a woman. For each woman, the maximum causative agent will be different, which implies a certain amount of work on the fact of recognizing these addictions.

How to increase labido at home?

If the cause of the decrease in the girl’s labido is a certain psychological problem or trauma, then the decision to restore sexual activity will be a visit to a therapist.

You can achieve a positive result at home, for this it is enough to undergo individual auto-training aimed at overcoming psychological problems. Reception of specialized drugs also contributes to the success of the rehabilitation period with reduced labido.

How to increase labido at home?

Local preparations are natural components of the composition of traditional medicine. Proven “grandmothers” decoctions, tinctures and individual medicinal herbs stimulate the production of the necessary hormones, which allows to overcome the state of passivity in sex.

An alternative product to restore the sexual desire of women are aphrodisiacs – products that can artificially increase female labido.

Raw oysters are very popular today. Similar, but less pronounced effect, characterized by: red wine, the active use of strawberries in food and melon. Everyone is obliged to try a similar method of treatment, since all products are of natural origin.

A great contribution to the restoration of female labido make yoga classes. Statistics indicate a small predisposition of lovers of this type of fitness to low labido states. The advantage of such workouts is to stimulate the blood supply to the genital organs, the intimate zone, and also the gradual relaxation of the muscle frame of these areas.

Pharmacological drugs are able to quickly restore the imbalance of the hormonal plan. Today, pharmacies sell Female Viagra – a stimulant of sexual desire, designed specifically for women.

Female labido booster “Female Viagra”

If earlier men’s problems with potency and erection were considered topical, today pharmaceutical companies produce many similar products for women. Such drugs are aimed at restoring the normal level of labido, increasing sexual desire, that is, improving the sexual activity of women. Viagra is considered the most popular male stimulant, therefore Viagra was created for women.

Female labido booster: Female Viagra

The labido booster Female Viagra assumes in its composition the same active ingredient, but a slightly modified formula as a whole. Female Viagra is considered a prototype of Pfizer. Visually, they almost completely copy the male Viagra pills, the only difference is the pink color. After taking Female Viagra, several systems, sense organs, etc. are activated at once, which contributes to a surge of energy, attraction and desire in a woman.

The name of this female labido booster is fully justified, since Female Viagra also contains the active component of Sildenafil Citrate, as well as the male prototype. This substance is responsible for all changes in the body, with regard to the sexual function of women.

And if the male generic is the only activator of male libido, then additional substances are provided for women:

  • magnesium hypromellose;
  • E171 or titanium dioxide;
  • calcium phosphate;
  • lactose;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • triacetin;
  • sodium croscarmellose.

Sildenafil increases the concentration of thoughts, needs and desires of a woman of a particular plan, so that blood flows to the genitals better, thereby increasing their sensitivity. Due to the increased blood flow, the woman experiences a strong arousal, as well as a surge of energy.

Female Viagra for low labido

In combination with additional substances, Female Viagra significantly increases the woman’s labido, which entails a strong arousal at the right time. All women who have problems with sex, even with good health and the absence of diseases, can feel for themselves how Female Viagra works.

Who needs to take Female Viagra?

In order for Viagra to help a woman restore her sexual activity, it is possible to resort to using such a drug only if there is evidence.

Experts advise taking labido booster Female Viagra only in the following situations:

  • pronounced symptoms of approaching menopause;
  • pronounced dry vaginal syndrome;
  • lack of arousal and sexual desire for a partner;
  • dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse, lack of orgasm;
  • the impossibility of concentrating one’s consciousness only on sexual intercourse.

Often the causes of such problems may be postpartum depression, emotional decline due to life and stress, the onset of menopause, weak libido. All these problems can eliminate the therapeutic effect of Female Viagra.

How to take labido booster Female Viagra?

It is necessary to take labido booster approximately in 1 hour prior to prospective proximity with the man, but at the same time it is necessary to consider average rate of a dosage. The initial dose should be approximately 50 mg of sildenafil, after which the woman can gradually increase the dose.

Only by trial and observation of the reaction of your body to the drug Female Viagra, you can adjust your personal allowable dose.

labido booster Female Viagra

The maximum dosage of Female Viagra on one day is 100 mg. If it is exceeded, symptoms of overdose and side effects can be observed. And if a woman in her prime can adjust the dose according to her condition and level of libido, then for older women, a dose change can be harmful.

If you strictly follow the rules for taking pills specified in the instructions for the preparation, closely monitor the body’s response to this drug, the risks of side effects are minimal.

Before using the drug, consultation with a specialist is necessary!

Best female enhancement: “Lady Era”

Lady Era is a best female enhancement that guarantees a return to the relationship of passion, sensuality. Never before has a woman experienced such pleasant sensations. From female caresses, the man also begins to be excited intensely, due to which sex becomes long, bright and dynamic.

Best female enhancement pills "Lady Era"

It is important to note that Lady Era is valid for up to 6 hours, which is enough to fulfill the most vivid sexual desires. At a certain time interval, a woman becomes passionate, giving great pleasure to her partner.

Female enhancement Lady Era work in the following directions:

  • Increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.
  • Increase the secretion of intimate lubrication.
  • Increase the likelihood of multiple orgasms.
  • Remove painful sensations during intercourse.
  • Improve the conductivity of the nerve endings of the external and internal genital organs.
  • Increase sexual desire.
  • Eliminate the symptoms of frigidity.
  • Eliminate stress, improve mood and regulate hormonal balance.

Women will experience a change after first using the Lady Era pill. And despite the fact that Viagra for women is not a panacea for sexual dysfunction, this drug will change the life of any woman.

Specialists also noticed the positive effects of this drug. This is achieved due to the fact that the product contains sildenafil, which is the active ingredient. But the most important thing is the absence of addiction to the pill, the woman manages to achieve relaxation without the use of additional stimulation. The body of women remembers sensations that were at the peak of pleasure, and then re-causes them in the course of intimacy.

Female enhancement Lady Era

You need to buy the best female enhancement Lady Era as it is absolutely safe to use, ideal for women, presented in the form of tablets. The drug is ideal for women, regardless of age. Feedback on this labido enhancer is only positive.

The basis of the drug Lady Era is the active substance sildenafil. As soon as a woman takes a pill, she will immediately receive bright and amazing sensations, impressions, which will allow you to enjoy sex all night long. The real opinion about Lady Era is only positive.

The principle of action of this enhancer of the female labido is based on the fact that after taking a pill to the pelvic organs a rush of blood occurs – this increases sexual arousal. The best female enhancement Lady Era is recommended to accept those women who have problems in sexual terms. Since the price of the drug is only $60, then every woman who feels a problem in sex can buy it.

Important! This drug contains the claimed substances: sildenafil and diclofenac.

If you want to resume intimate life, to increase the fire in the intimate sense, then you will definitely get such a unique labido enhancer that really works.

female labido booster Lady Era

How to take Lady Era?

It is necessary to use this drug 50 minutes before sexual activity. The recommended dose is 50 mg, but it can be lowered or increased in accordance with the desired efficacy. But if you have kidney or liver failure, then you cannot use 100 mg of the drug.

There are women who are particularly sensitive to Lady Era. You can not take this medication in conjunction with other products to increase libido, because the interaction of ingredients has not been studied.

Before using the best female enhancement Lady Era, be sure to read the instructions and consult your doctor!

“ProVestra”: Natural female enhancement

ProVestra is a natural drug to enhance sexual activity in women.

Do you want to improve your sex life? Do you want to get more orgasm and constantly surprise your partner? Then the new natural female enhancer ProVestra is designed specifically for you. Now every woman has the opportunity to solve many problems of the sexual plan.

ProVestra - Natural female enhancement

Stressful situations, permanent employment, hormonal changes and poor nutrition are the main factors that can damage female libido. That is why women’s sexual fantasies and desires fade into the background. Mentally, a woman may want sex, but physically her body does not contribute to such pleasure.

Practice proves that many modern partners complain about the lack of a normal sex life, and some people have sex, but this is not a pleasure, but a routine.

Description of the natural female enhancement “ProVestra”

Natural female enhancer “ProVestra” is a complex mixture of various herbs, nutrients and aphrodisiacs. The composition of ProVestra includes only natural ingredients that do not harm women’s health and do not cause allergic reactions.

The action of ProVestra is aimed at eliminating the hormonal imbalance that can harm sexual desire. The purpose of the drug – enhancing sexual activity in women.

Due to the presence in the formulation of a special amino acid L-arginine, this female enhancer increases the blood flow to the clitoris and vagina, and also leads to relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. All this provides women with general arousal. After 30 days of use of the drug, you can see positive results.

labido booster for woman ProVestra

ProVestra drug will help you overcome many problems, such as:

  • vaginal dryness;
  • mood swings;
  • PMS symptoms;
  • decrease in vital energy;
  • lack of orgasm and feelings of sexual desire.

The use of natural female enhancer ProVestra guarantees the following results:

  • quick agitation;
  • increased vaginal lubrication;
  • brighter sensations from sex;
  • frequent, intense orgasms;
  • balancing excess estrogen.

It is necessary to take 1 tablet per day with meals.

The composition of the drug: aphrodisiacs; amino acids; vitamins A, C, E; vitamin B complex; iron; zinc; folic acid; calcium carbonate.

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