Vacuum Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Vacuum Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

penis can be stimulated with a vacuum pumpThe vacuum erector was invented by the American G. Osborn in the early 1960s. At that time, mainly psychotherapeutic methods were used to treat impotence. It was believed that the problems with erection are of psychogenic origin. The inventor suffered from erectile dysfunction of an organic nature, so psychotherapy did not help him. After studying the mechanisms of erection, Osbon suggested that the flow of blood to the penis can be stimulated with a vacuum pump. On the basis of this idea, the first vacuum-erector was created. It was a cylinder connected to a vacuum pump. With the help of the pump, the penis placed in the cylinder was subjected to a reduced pressure, which gave an active blood flow and led to an erection.

The invention was tested by Osborn. As a result of the tests, the inventor developed his own technique for treating erectile dysfunction with a vacuum erector. Since the 1970s, the device began to be applied massively. This technique of treatment is practiced in andrology until now and bears the name of its creator.

The principle of the vacuum method of treating impotence

The principle of the vacuum pump for treating impotenceIn general, the vacuum system consists of three components – a cylinder, a pump and a tightening ring, fixed at the root of the penis. Cylinders of systems for vacuum treatment may differ in design, but, in essence, they are all made of a flask made of transparent plastic, so that the penis is available for inspection when creating a vacuum around it. The vacuum pump can be either manual or electric – on batteries. This type of pump is recommended for patients who may have difficulty in using a hand pump. The vacuum pump is connected to the cylinder by a plastic hose and held in the hand.

Most devices have an automatic exhaust valve, which works after creating a difference of about 200-300 mm Hg. Art. between the atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside the bulb. To achieve rigidity of the penis, the vacuum pressure should exceed 90 mm Hg. Art. All devices have intake mechanisms that can be turned on to neutralize negative pressure when adequate penis rigidity is achieved and a tightening ring is fixed around the root of the penis. Tightening rings can have different elasticities and diameter – to adjust the compression force around the root of the penis.

Erection is achieved quickly enough, and a certain period of time remains. What is the principle of the operation of vacuum devices for the treatment of impotence? The device operates as follows:

  • The device consists of a pump and a cylinder;
  • The cylinder itself is attached to the tip of the penis;
  • On the opposite side, there is a compressing ring;
  • This cylinder with a pump creates a vacuum, compressing the air, which ensures the flow of blood to the penis;
  • There comes an erection, which holds the compressing ring.

Pros and Cons of the Vacuum Method

Most men are able to have sexual intercourse using an ED pump. Other advantages:

  • low risk of complications in comparison with other methods of treatment of ED;
  • minimum costs after the first purchase;
  • non-invasive treatment;
  • can be combined with other ED procedures, such as oral medications.


It is worth noting that with this treatment of impotence some complications may occur. So, sometimes the penis changes color to purple, there are small bruises. Such manifestations are absolutely painless, and go away in 1-2 days. The process of ejaculation using a vacuum becomes slightly weaker due to the retention ring. In some cases, ejaculation can cause pain in the penis. But such symptoms are rare. So the treatment of impotence with a vacuum can be called a relatively safe procedure.

Vacuum for the treatment of impotence is suitable for almost every man with this pathology. The only contraindication is the poor blood clotting. Therefore, vacuum devices help to cope with erectile dysfunction caused by such disorders: diabetes mellitus; poor patency of the vessels in the pelvic region. In the case of surgical interventions and after the treatment of prostate cancer as well as for violations of psychological nature.

How is a Vacuum Pump Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

First, the patient puts the components of the device together according to the instructions of the producer. A constricting ring is located around the base of the cylinder. The proximal end of the cylinder should be heavily lubricated with a water-soluble lubricant to achieve a better suction of the cylinder to the skin surrounding the base of the penis.

How to use vacuum pump for potencyIf there is a difficulty in achieving a good suction of the cylinder of the vacuum device to the skin due to the long inguinal hair, then they need to be shaved. After all the above manipulations, the penis is placed inside the cylinder, and the patient begins to pump the air out with the pump. The number of necessary pumpings by a hand pump and the time required to achieve an adequate erection can be different.

Adequate rigidity of the penis can be obtained in a few seconds, and in a few minutes. But, as a rule, most manufacturers recommend after reaching vacuum, if there are no erections, wait 2-3 minutes, and with a further erection, repeat this procedure again after 3-4 minutes. Once adequate filling and rigidity of the penis has been achieved, the tightening ring moves from the cylinder to the root of the penis, the rarefaction is eliminated, the cylinder is removed. After this, the patient is ready for sexual intercourse. The patient needs to know that leaving the constrictive ring around the root of the penis for more than 30 minutes is dangerous, since the rigidity obtained with the help of a vacuum device is a venous stasis of all the tissues of the penis.

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