Non-Traditional Methods for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Non-Traditional Methods for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment erectile dysfunction without drugsWithout exaggerating, we can safely say that many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and the possibility of its occurrence generally turns into a phobia. Earlier erectile dysfunction had the term “impotence”, but it was decided not to use this term as humiliating for a man. Let’s consider some ways to treat erectile dysfunction without drugs.

Erectile dysfunction of a man is a kind of disorder of a man’s sexual functions. If a man is not able to maintain an erection during intercourse, this is an erectile dysfunction. And if you cannot finish the sexual act, then for the partners it also affects the psychology of the relationship. Erectile dysfunction has no age criteria, however, according to statistical data, it most often occurs in men of senior and middle age. However, the solution is! Check how you can improve potency using natural remedies.

Folk Methods and Remedies to Combat Impotence

  • Use Ginger for male potencyGinger: The root of this plant is widely used in the practice of treating male sexual insufficiency, caused by various causes. The forms of its use are very diverse, including powders, tinctures, teas and even baths. Thus ginger can act in a fresh or dry kind, and the last is much richer with useful properties, and therefore it is preferable. The effect occurs after a week of taking the plant. In a powdery form, the ginger root is added to freshly brewed tea. In this case, a tea spoon of powder is taken and put in a hot tea drink, everything is thoroughly mixed. It is recommended to take it three times a day.

Tea with ginger can be prepared in another way as well. Place the powder state of the root of the plant in a glass of boiling water in the amount of one teaspoon. To improve the taste and increase the healing potential of the drink, you need to add little honey. Another way to make a tea drink is to pour a teaspoon of ginger powder with two glasses of water and boil the mixture for 40 minutes, then strain and add sugar or honey. Take instead of regular tea. Fresh ginger root is cut into small pieces and eaten separately. This is an excellent remedy for weakening the potency.

You can get juice, for this you need to grate and squeeze it. The finished product is added to tea or other beverages. Store the ginger juice should be in the refrigerator.

  • Ginseng: For the tincture, designed to return the male power, cut a piece 2 cm from the “hand” root, and with a low quality of ginseng, the size is increased to 4 cm and use any outgrowth of the rhizome. The raw material is filled with 3.5 liters of quality purified vodka, or the same amount of alcohol diluted to 40 degrees. Tincture begins to take on the next day, it allows you to accustom the body to such a drug, while it is still weak.
  • celery for male potencyCelery: Frequent inclusion of this plant in the diet contributes to the improvement of male sexual potential, but the following recipes will help to strengthen and prolong the positive effect of this product on the body. Prepared juice from the root of celery should be taken on a teaspoon three times daily before meals for getting rid of signs of impotence. You can prepare a mixture of 25 g of apple, 50 g of pear juice and 100 g of squeezed celery. Such a drink will have a complex effect on the body.

The root of celery witch doctor is recommended to clean, chop, cook in slightly salted water, fry in a small amount of oil, water and flour until soft, add to it a chicken yolk and a little nutmeg. There is a curative dish you need hot. From the roots of celery you can prepare a tincture: a tablespoon of crushed fresh roots are poured 300 ml of chilled boiled water, 4 hours insist and filter. This remedy helps to improve the potency and get rid of chronic prostatitis.

Infusion of seeds: An infusion of seeds is prepared similarly, only a tablespoon of raw material requires 400 ml of cooled boiled water, and the drug is infused for 8 hours. Both infusions are drunk on a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals.

  • Walnut: The benefit of the product is difficult to overestimate, especially if you use a little unripe fruit, they contain a lot of useful substances. But a walnut can be even more effective if you combine it with other ingredients that have a positive effect on the potency. We propose several such recipes.

Walnut for male potencyRecipe 1: 12 pieces of walnuts should be mixed with dried fruits such as prunes, raisins, figs, taken in an amount equal to 200 g each. All components of the drug are preliminary shredded. Take a delicious and effective remedy before bedtime for 2 tbsp. l., washing down with yogurt. Store in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2: To increase the potency in men and increase sexual desire, you need to drink a glass of walnuts every day, drinking it with goat’s milk. At the same time, to eat nuts follows 2-3 receptions, for example, half a cup in the morning and half a cup in the evening. The course of increasing potency in men is 4 weeks.

Recipe 3: Take honey with nuts, pre-crushed, mixed in equal proportions. One tablespoon three times a day for a month. The mixture can be enriched by adding dried fruit.

If you decide to use folk remedies, it is advisable to consult with the attending physician on this matter so that medication and home treatment should be a comprehensive measure. Remember that no tincture will replace the course of therapy prescribed by a doctor, and therefore, use herbs as a supplement to the existing treatment.

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