Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Exercise with erectile dysfunctionRegular physical exercises help to strengthen male health and help to avoid problems with erection. With erectile dysfunction, experts recommend performing various sets of exercises. It is very useful to physically load the inguinal muscles, the muscles that support the spine, the calf and hip muscles. Exercises to strengthen the oblique and straight muscles of the press have a beneficial effect on the state of the pelvic organs, improve blood circulation, eliminate the manifestations of erectile dysfunction, if the cause of its occurrence in stagnation in the genitourinary system. Exercise with erectile dysfunction should be carried out 1.5-2 hours after eating and not later than 1 hour before bedtime. The whole complex of exercises will take quite a bit of time – no more than 40 minutes a day, however, you will notice great results soon.

Examples of physical exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Exercise number 1. To perform the exercise you will need a stool, on which you should sit with your legs apart along the width of your shoulders. Shoulders must be straightened, arms bent at the elbows, lowered down. Breathe through your nose, briefly, with noise. Palms should perform grasping movements, simultaneously with it to strain the buttocks and compress them together with the anus. After doing the exercise, you need to relax for 30 seconds, then repeat again – and so 6 times.
  • Exercise number 2. Exercise should be performed standing, in the nude, the legs are placed along the width of the shoulders and slightly bent at the knees, hands on the waist. The exercise will take no more than one minute, during which the pelvis should make sharp movements back and forth, swinging with the genitals. Exercise is performed in 5 approaches, one approach takes 7 breaths-exhalations, then a break for 30 seconds.
  • Exercise number 3. Squatting is performed nude in front of a large mirror. Testicles must be pulled up with force, while drawing in the belly with the buttocks, making a short breath. During an exhalation the scrotum should be relaxed. The exercise is performed in 7 approaches, the rest time is not more than 30 seconds.
  • Exercise number 4. To perform the exercise you need to sit on the floor, relax the body, legs bend at the knees, hands put on your knees. With a sharp inspiration, put your left shoulder forward, raise your left buttock, straighten your left leg in the knee and guide it forward. When exhaling, the body should be straightened, lower the butt to the floor and bend the right leg in the knee. Without interruption, push forward your right foot and right shoulder. Each foot to make 7 steps, followed by a break for 30 seconds. This exercise is performed in 15 approaches.
  • Exercise number 5. To perform the exercise, you should lie on your back, warm your palms, rubbing them about each other, putting your right hand under your head, your left arm on your genitals. Then you need to strain the muscles of the legs, draw in the anus and squeeze the genitals, begin to pull them. Exercise is performed in 7 approaches, one approach should be done up to 20 stretches.

Will Yoga Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Yoga Help with Erectile DysfunctionThe next set of asanas is specially designed by yoga specialists to treat problems of male sexual function. Simple and effective asanas help to relax and strengthen blood circulation in the pelvic area, which helps to naturally stimulate the potency.

  • Pachchimotanasana: This asana is also known as the forward tilt in the sitting position. The pose makes it possible to relieve tension in the pelvic region, which accumulates during prolonged sitting, thereby improving blood circulation in this area. Calms and removes anxiety. Sit on the rug, stretching out your legs. For beginners, it is recommended to lay a folded blanket or brick under the basin. With effort, push your legs forward, as if resting against the wall in front of you. Release the sciatic bones, pushing the gluteus muscles from each side to strengthen the pelvic rotation.

Slightly bend the legs in the knees, lean the body forward. Stretch behind the crown in the direction of the toes. Do not round your back. If you can sink deeply enough, grab the feet with your hands, lower your elbows to the floor. But do not use your hands as a lever, it traumatizes your lower back. Hold the asana for one to three minutes. Direct attention to the breath and watch how the strained muscles of the back surface of the legs and around the hip joints gradually relax.

  • Uttanasana: This position is similar to the previous one, but the forward slope is performed from the standing position. Asana is very popular in all styles of yoga. This intensive stretching of the back surface of the legs makes it possible to lengthen the spasmed muscles, relieve nervous tension, rest the heart muscle, improve digestion and stimulate internal organs. A number of yoga therapists agree that the posture is effective in infertility.

How to do: From the standing position take a breath, with an exhalation smoothly lower the body down, keeping the back straight. For correct execution, try to stretch behind the vertex so that the spine remains straight. Body weight slightly forward, closer to the front of the foot. For beginners, it is recommended that the knees be slightly bent to give the waist the ability to stretch, bending the body in the region of the hip joints. If you are flexible enough, straighten your legs, cross your arms in your forearms and let the body and neck relax down to the floor. Hold the asana from 30 seconds and minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply. At the inhale, raise it slightly and lengthen the body, on exhalation, relaxing let the body relax, dropping slightly lower. To the head and neck are not strained at runtime, lightly shake them, as if nodding.

  • Buddha Conasana: This is another very useful asana for men’s health. Together with the extension of the inner thighs and groin, it stimulates the prostate, kidneys and bladder. In India, asana is known as the “shoemaker’s pose”. There, the men of this profession sit all day on the ground, having folded their legs in a “butterfly”. Thanks to this attitude, their long hours of sedentary work does not harm the health, supporting the normal circulation of the pelvic organs.

How to do: Sit on the rug, legs apart. If you feel that you can not keep your back straight, with a natural lumbar deflection, place a blanket or roller under your pelvis. Bend your knees, connecting the outer parts of the feet. Do not need to spring on the hips, instead, press the outer parts of the feet against each other, and point your knees to the sides. Consciously rotate the front surfaces of the thighs back. Maintain a calm and deep breathing. If you want to deepen the asana, using your hands to press your hips. Remain in the asana for 1 to 5 minutes. Inhaling, extend the torso upwards. Imagine that someone is pulling your head, pulling the spine from the coccyx.

Evening Gymnastics for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

gymnastics for the treatment of EDThe evening gymnastics for the treatment of ED should include the following exercises:

  • Stand on all fours. Stay like this for 1-2 minutes. Then straighten your legs so that the palms and feet rest on the floor. Walk in this position for another 1-2 minutes.
  • Lying on the back, hands along the trunk. Execute the exercise “bike” for 2-3 minutes
  • Lying on the back, hands along the trunk. Do the scissors exercise for 2-3 minutes. Raise your legs not high – just 10-15 cm from the floor. Try not to bend knees.
  • Lying on the back, arms stretched along the trunk. Legs are bent at the knees, feet rest on the floor. Raise the pelvis so that the upper back remains on the floor. Perform 10-15 lifts.
  • Lying on the back, arms stretched along the trunk. Straight legs are slightly apart, lying on the floor. Strain and relax the muscles of the perineum together with the anus. Try to stretch the muscles as hard as possible. Exercise for 2-3 minutes.
  • The back is straight, arms are lowered along the trunk. Raise the knee of the right leg as high as possible, as if trying to press it to the stomach. Lower your foot. Repeat the exercise with your left foot. Perform 12-15 lifts with each foot. To keep the balance you can hold on to the wall.
  • Standing, the back is straight. Hands are lowered along the trunk. The legs are slightly bent at the knees. Standing in this position, strain and relax the buttocks. Execute the exercise for 2-3 minutes.
  • Standing, the back is straight, hands are lowered along the trunk. The legs are slightly bent at the knees. Take the heels off the floor alternately. At that, the socks of the feet do not come off the floor. Do the exercise at the fastest pace for 1-2 minutes.
  • Standing, the back is straight. Legs slightly bend at the knees. Palms lean on the hips just above the knees. On exhalation try to strain the muscles of the perineum as much as possible. The anus must be drawn inward. On the inspiration, relax. Execute the exercise for 1-2 minutes.

The exercises listed for potency are performed regularly, daily or every other day. You can break the complex into two parts – morning and evening.

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