Erectile Dysfunction at a Young Age

Erectile Dysfunction at a Young Age

Problems with potency in young menDespite the age, any man may experience problems with erectile function even at the age of 20. Representatives of the stronger sex want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, causing them enthusiasm, as well as getting their deserved recognition. When a man cannot deliver sexual pleasure to a partner, this face negatively affects his psychological state.

Most doctors note that absent sexual desire is not always associated with the presence of any diseases. In almost half the cases, this may be due to other causes. Problems with potency at a young age may manifest due to the incorrect lifestyle. Fat food and alcohol, especially at an early age, favors the development of problems with excess weight and a decrease in testosterone levels. In the future, this can result in infertility.

Exacerbating the situation is the lack of a regular sexual life. Many men at a young age are busy with studies and career. The relations with the opposite sex are often on the background. Many young people postpone the visit to the doctor, being to shy to admit the problem. However, one should not delay the solution of the problem, any difficulties with health are solved more easily and quickly with timely treatment.

How is erectile dysfunction manifested at a young age?

Impotence in youth manifests itself with:

  1. Psychological signs;
  2. Physiological signs.

Morning erection - it's great!The main sign that should alert a young man is the weakening or disappearance of an erection in the morning. Morning erection is the normal condition of a healthy person. It is not related to the arousal of a man, nor to the stimulation of the penis, nor to the quality of sleep. By the way, the name “morning” is rather conditional, because even during the night several excitations of a penis can occur.

Another unpleasant symptom is the weakening of penile tension during sexual intercourse. It would seem that everything was fine and suddenly, the penis lost its “working condition”. If this problem is purely psychological, then it is solved quite simply – by the stimulation of the partner.

A more serious sign is the lack of erection, even after the active actions of the partner. This can say about the difficulties not so much about psychological violations but about health problems. Another sign of impotence in youth is a lack of desire. For young people, increased sexual activity is considered natural.

Why does early impotence occur?

It is generally accepted that erectile dysfunction is a problem for older men. But the first signs of impotence can appear in young men under 30 years old. To choose an effective method of treatment, it is extremely important to find out the causes of impotence at a young age. The generally known causes of impotence, for men at a young age there are the following:

  • Organic causes. For young men, the provoking factors become more often not such diseases as atherosclerosis or arterial hypertension, but brain traumas, congenital diseases of the nervous system, the consequences of injuries, type 1 diabetes, which is often found in young people. These diseases affect the state of blood vessels, nervous conduction, not only men’s health suffers, but also vision, blood circulation in other organs and systems.
  • Impotence at a young age can be the result of prolonged abstinence.
  • Hormonal imbalance is often found in the period of maturation, as well as in older age. This is caused by an excess of the hormone prolactin, which is a testosterone antagonist. As a result, the amount of the latter decreases, negatively affecting the sexual function.
  • Decreased potency at a young age can be triggered by psychological discomfort and psychological illnesses. So, the transferred psychological trauma in the childhood can quite become the reason of infringement of a potency.
  • Negative influence on further sex life can be played by a prejudiced attitude and too much attention to puberty in the teenage period, domestic violence, accent on sexual development.
  • The reason may be the use of drugs. Weak potency at a young age is more often provoked by such drugs as antidepressants, drugs to reduce blood pressure, steroids.

Typology of erectile dysfunction at an early age

  1. Physical: As a rule, the causes of physical impotence are serious cardiovascular, neurogenic and hormonal diseases
  2. Psychological: This type of impotence is the most common among young people, especially those who are just starting to have sex. Doctors say that it is easier for older men to cope with ailment, since they already have sufficient life experience, while a young guy will most likely need the help of a specialist.
  3. Problems with potency can arise if a young person is psychologically traumatized in childhood or adolescence because of difficult relationships with parents associated with sexual identity. Some parents suggest to the child that sexual life is shameful. Over the years, such thoughts prevent a man from concentrating on pleasant sensations and enjoying sex.
  4. Relationship with a partner is an important factor in sexual life. If life breaks into misunderstanding, constant quarrels, ridicule, treason, while spiritual affinity and trust go away, the man experiences the strongest stress, which is reflected in sexual function. Another cause of impotence may be the physical unattractiveness of a partner or the thought of his own unattractiveness.
  5. ED caused by drug therapy: Erectile dysfunction in young men can occur on the background of taking certain medications in the treatment of ulcerative, cardiovascular, mental illnesses and other pathological conditions. As a rule, problems with potency should be overcome after the drug is discontinued or replaced with a safer analogue.
  6. Continued abstinence can also lead to impairment of sexual function. In most cases, the restoration of a normal sexual life helps to get rid of the disease.
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